Price list - Important informations

Dear Guests!
From 19th until 22th March 2018 we hold a short technical break. In this period the spa will not be open. We will waiting for everyone again from 23th March 2018.
Thank you for your understanding!

Thermal water: thermal water with high calcium and iodine content is an effective cure for inflammation of the respiratory system. A high concentration of sulphur is ideally suited to the treatment of degenerative joint conditions and skin complaints. Water rich in dissolves carbon dioxide is beneficial to patients with heart condotoins and those with peripheral circulatory problems.

Dear Guests!
The nem pricelist is valid from 29 March 2017 until recalled.

The daily ticket is inclued the following services: indoor and outdoor pools, swimming and trainig pool, thermal sitting pool, jacuzzi, slides, locker.

The outdoor pool and the blue slide are not operation during the winter season.

The use of our deckchairs is free, but limited.

Inside of the spa you can pay only with your chip watch. The cost of your consumption charges your watch, which you have to pay by leaving. For the safety and the consumption's price our guests are fully responsible.

Season tickets & discounts for daily tickets, squash and fitness. All of our season tickets valid for 1 year.

If you cross the timelimit of your 2 or 4 hours ticket you have to pay excess charge, which is available under the given ticket price.

The coupons can only be use for daily bath (3300 HUF) and bath & saunapark (4900 HUF) tickets. Preference is not able to contract with other preferences. 1 coupon for 1 person.

Our Saunapark services can be used only with bath tickets.

It palliates the spine and joint complaints caused problems and could be effective supplemental for any kind of physiological or rheumatological therapies.





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